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How to Overcome Car Brakes That Are Less Efficient Based on the Cause

How to Overcome Car Brakes That Are Less Efficient Based on the Cause
How to Overcome Car Brakes That Are Less Efficient Based on the Cause

Sciipy - Car brakes in excellent condition are one of the factors supporting safety when driving. As is well known, the brakes serve to control the speed of the vehicle when the car is paving the road. Excellent car brakes are an important component to minimize collisions with other cars or other accidents.

Like other components in the car, the brakes need to get maximum maintenance. You should not drive a vehicle if you feel that the brakes are disturbed. Do not let you drive when the brakes are not as abnormal as they should be, because it could be bad enough to happen.

Diligently maintaining the vehicle is also an important point to provide comfort to you in driving. In some cases, there are several causes of poorly braked car brakes. This condition makes one of the causes of the car's braking system experiencing problems. It could be that the root of the problem is because the vehicle owner does not carry out regular maintenance on all car brake components.

However, it is also possible that brake damage to the car is caused by a brake canvas that does not function optimally. On the other hand, it can also be due to a malfunction in the brake booster. Quoted from various sources, here are the causes of damage to car brakes as well as how to overcome them.

1. Brake Fluid

Basically, the main cause of a malfunction of the car brakes is the lack of maintenance. So it is necessary to pay attention and feel when stepping on the brakes when the car is driving. If you feel that it is not enough, it could be because the brake fluid is clogged with dirt so that the flow becomes clogged.

Dirt that spreads from the engine can prevent the brakes from getting a flow of brake fluid from the nipple because it is clogged. So make sure you do regular car brake maintenance so that no dirt clogs the flow of the car brakes. Make sure that when stepping on the brakes of the car, the brake fluid flows.

2. Brake Booster

When you drive a vehicle and feel the brake footing feels harder than usual, there could be damage to the components. To detect the damage that occurs to this vital component, you should examine it further.

Several possibilities can cause the brakes to feel hard when stepped on. It could be because the brake fluid enters when the upper master has a leak or it could be because the servo vacuum hose leaks.

On the other hand, this condition can also be caused by a leaking sil servo. Signs of leaking servo sil can be known by the characteristics of the hissing sound from the brake pedal when stepped on and when the engine is first started.

You can check the booster and clean the brake part. For the convenience of driving, make sure you check the brake booster section further to know how to handle it properly.

3. Brake Canvas

When the brakes are not in top condition, try to check the brake canvas. It could be when the car brakes do not work optimally due to the wet condition of the brake canvas due to slippery. But it is also possible because the brake canvas has been thinned.

These two conditions will result in the brakes not functioning optimally. It is worth knowing together, that the brake canvas becomes an important component in the braking system of the vehicle. The brakes will not work optimally when the brake canvas is in a thin condition. However, the thin condition of the brake canvas makes the brakes not work but the performance is not good enough.

The solution to this problem is that you are advised to immediately replace the old brake canvas with a new one, so that comfort in driving can be felt and minimize the occurrence of accidents.

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