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7 Best Motor Oils That Could Be Your Choice

7 Best Motor Oils That Could Be Your Choice
7 Best Motor Oils That Could Be Your Choice

Spiicy - Motor oil or also called engine oil is one of the important parts of motorized vehicles. Of course, your motor will not function properly if the engine oil is rarely noticed or replaced. There are some of the best motor oils you can choose from in terms of price and quality.

There are many types of motor oils on the market. Of course, you have to choose one of the engine oil brands that is trusted in quality and used by many people. Check out the following engine oil that you can choose.

1. AHM

This best Honda motorcycle oil is one that you can rely on. In fact, many Honda motorcycle users use this one oil brand. AHM has many types of oils that are adapted to the kind of Honda motor.

Starting from automatic motorcycles, and duck motorcycles, to sports motorcycles. As for the price tag, it is not too expensive, which is only 40 thousand.

2. Evalube

Evalube is one of the recommended motor oils. This Yamaha motorcycle oil has also been widely recommended by consumers because of its quality. Evalube can make the motor engine smoother because it can reduce engine friction.

For the manufacture of Evalube oil, it uses advanced technology so there is no need to worry about its quality anymore. The price is also relatively cheap starting from 20 thousand.

3. Motul

Motul oil is the choice for owners of sports motorcycles. This motor oil has excellent quality because it can reduce friction in the engine so that it is smoother. For the price, it is indeed a bit more expensive but it is also worth the durability of the resulting machine.

This Motul brand engine oil is priced from 80 thousand to hundreds of thousands.

4. Castrol

Castrol's engine oil is equipped with Piston Guard lubrication technology. It is very good to protect the motor spark plugs and also preventing the motor engine from carbon deposits. This carbon deposit not only affects the engine but also the tip of the spark plug which makes the motor difficult to start.

Castrol is widely chosen as the best 2-stroke motor engine oil for example on the Yamaha RX King or Kawasaki ninja 150 RR. The price is fairly cheap, which is only 30 thousand.

5. Yamalube

This Yamalube oil product is very good for use on modern sports motorcycles of Yamaha, automatic, or duck brands. The manufacture of this oil comes from petroleum refining so it is certain to be resistant to extreme weather.

Yamalube produces smooth engine friction because it can lubricate the engine to the narrowest gap.

You can feel the increased performance of the motorcycle engine when you regularly use Yamalube. For the price of this motor oil varies greatly starting from 30 thousand only.

6. Top One

Top One is one of the motor oils that many people have known for a long time. This one engine oil is not only able to reduce friction in the engine. Top One is one of the good oils for cooling motor engines. There are already quite a lot of consumers who entrust their motors to use Top One oil.

The price tag is also still fairly cheap, starting from only 40 thousand.

7. Repsol

This Repsol motor oil is well known in the world and Indonesia is no exception. Repsol is a brand of motor oil issued by Honda and is already trusted by many people. Not only does it have good quality for the durability of the motor engine but also in terms of very cheap price.

This Repsol motor oil is only priced starting at 20 thousand.

Those are some of the best motor oils that can be recommendations for you. Not only choosing motor oil, but you also have to really pay attention to changing the oil regularly.

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